Native American Wisdom

Enjoy American Indian wisdom and Native American philosophy and beliefs here at   For generation after generation, the American Indians who inhabited the North American continent were different in many ways, and the same in others. While not alike in tradition, ceremony, language or lifestyle, they did seem to share a reverence for the earth and all things in nature. Three centuries ago, however, Europeans who arrived in the Americas saw things differently. While American Indians sought to be part of the beauty and wild around them, European cultures saw these same gifts as things to conquer, tame and ultimately own. As Western civilization reflects on the ways of the world, it has finally come to a realization that perhaps the American Indian way of thinking might have been the better path. For thousands of years Native Americans maintained an ecological and social balance undone in a fraction of the time. For many years their philosophies and common sense beliefs were not heard because no one was listening.

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1 Anishinabe and Apache Indian Wisdom
2 Arapaho & Cheyenne Wisdom
3 Chiricahua & Comanche Wisdom
4 Cree & Creek Wisdom
5 Crow & Dakota Wisdom
6 Delaware & Hopi Wisdom
7 Huron & Kiowa Wisdom
8 Lakota, Oglala Sioux, Minquass Wisdom
9 Native American Wisdom
10 Navajo & Nevada Wisdom
11 Nez Perce & Oklahoma Wisdom
12 Omaha & Pima Wisdom
13 Powhatan & Pueblo Wisdom
14 Salish & Sauk Wisdom
15 Seneca & Shawnee Wisdom
16 Shoshone & Suqwamish Wisdom
17 Tuscarora & Ute Wisdom

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