Native American Society

Native American culture and society is explored at   Did you know that American Indians lived life in love with nature. Their wisdom showed in everything - their capacity for harmony with the environment, what they wore, what they created, what they ate and how it was prepared, in their home life and importance of family and in their philosophies and beliefs. It would be impossible to tell the whole story of Native Americans, or even one people within the whole. Not only because there is so much to know, but because "historical" information is often incomplete, inaccurate or totally nonexistent. These offerings provide a brief and basic look into a few of literally hundreds of American Indian tribes and bands that existed in North America before the arrival of European influence. The brief and basic looks are intended to spark interest and serve as a jumping off point for your pursuit of those peoples, traditions and beliefs which most interest you.

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1 Abenaki
2 Acoma
3 American Indian & The Buffalo
4 American Indian Genealogy
5 American Indian Movement
6 Arapaho
7 Assiniboin
8 Bellacoola
9 Blackfoot
10 Caddo
11 Cahuilla
12 Catawba
13 Cayuga
14 Cherokee
15 Cheyenne
16 Chippewa
17 Choctaw & Crow
18 Comanche
19 Delaware Indians
20 Dwellings & Lodging
21 Europeans & First Contact
22 Federally Recognized Indian Tribes
23 Hopi Tribe
24 Indian Tribes By Region
25 Native American Ancestry & DNA Testing
26 Native American Medicine Bag
27 Navajo Code Talkers
28 The American Indian Tragedy

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